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Gagadu are built to withstand even the wildest adventures. Our premium-quality boards won’t let you down, giving you the freedom to explore any stretch of water. We put our Boards through 6 tests to push it’s durability to the limit.

The ‘bump’ which can sometimes be seen at the back of our boards towards the bottom, is where the drop stitch material has to be cut in order to fit in the inflation valve. To try and minimise the visibility of this we try and hide it under the fins as much as possible, however on some of the boards it may still visible.

Yes, absolutely! All Gagadu boards are inflatable boards so they’ll even kinder on your body when you fall – which will probably happen quite a bit when you start. But, all Gagadu boards are super stable so they’re great to learn on. You don’t want to be starting your SUP journey on a bendy wobbly board, don't you?

When inflated correctly and used for general Stand Up Paddling you will hardly notice any difference. For high performance surfing you will find you will have to adapt your style as the board rides differently to a ‘hard’ board but still rides well. The biggest benefit is that you can deflate, roll up and stash your Gagadu inflatable board in the back of the car with ease, take it on a plane, hike up a mountain.

Over time you will experience some loss of pressure especially with temperature changes but just top it up before you hit the water. The board should be stored out of direct sunlight and if you are not going to use it for a while you should reduce the pressure to below 15 psi.

You can store the board rolled up in the bag, or fully inflated or partially inflated – it’s up to you. If you don’t plan to use your board for a long time we recommend you store it in a cool, dry place and loosely rolled. We’d also recommend giving your board a nice clean and dry it off before storing it away.

Our boards are built to take a lot of pressure. You won’t need to put more than 25 psi in your board. Above this pressure you will see no increase in stiffness but you will find the valve is hard to push down to deflate the board and it takes longer to inflate. For general use 15-22 psi is best. Heavier riders will benefit from pressure closer to 25psi.

Our boards are super durable and easy to take care of but a little love now and again will keep the board looking good for the longest time. Ideally wash it down with fresh water after each use, keep it out of direct sunlight and store loosely rolled. Inflatable boards don’t like to be cooked in the sunshine so keeping it cool and in the shade when not in use is key to a long and fruitful relationship.

No, but we don’t recommend leaving your board in direct sunlight for prolonged periods. Following this advice will keep your board in good working order for as long as possible.

In the unlikely event that you put a hole in your board then inside the repair kit (that comes with every board) you will find some glue and some patches that can be used to get you back up and running. A good repair should be left overnight to cure. Also inside the repair kit is a valve tool. You can use this to remove the valve from the board for servicing. You may never have to remove it but if you do you’ll have the right tool for the job.

First off, remove the dust cap from your value. Before you do anything – when your board is completely deflated and before attaching the hose to the board-, ensure that the centre pin in the valve is in the upmost position by pushing it in and turning to the right. You will make this mistake at least once, maybe more but it’s super frustrating if you’ve not pushed the pin out before you start pumping as you board will deflate once you remove the hose. When connecting the pump hose, push the adaptor into the valve and twist to the right with some force. You will find it quite stiff to start with but it will get easier over time.

We will be offering a 2 year warranty for each board bought from the 2021 range.


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